Re: Get all data from WebService in Magic XPA 3.2c

Andreas Sedlmeier

Hi Neil,

So you managed to get that Xpa 3.3 project working ?

This is now how you would parse the response of a document style SOAP method into a temp. table in Magic. Thats a bit tedious as you will see.

There's however also the option to use .NET or Java to deserialize the response into (collection) objects and those you can use in Magic as well then - as is (together with all the nice methods and properties they have). Besides, if it's .NET you could even factor out the temp. table and create a .NET datasource from the response instead which you can use in Magic Xpa like a table (asfaik, cause I never did this).

If I find time later this week I'll add this to the sample and update the Magic App + C#/Java sources.

Best regards,


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