Re: Providing Web Services with magic xpa3.3 and axis2

Andreas Sedlmeier

Hi Avi,

As Gábor already mentioned, it's there (Axis2) and it even ships with Single User Edition of 3.3, only that you cannot use it with SU.

You can create a Axis2 component in CRR and press F1 and then you can dive into all the documentation (which is I think half a page for Axis2 alltogether).

Webservices with XPA and status of Systinet is a bit unclear, cause XPI 4.7 I think still would install Systinet (or Tomcat) and XPC is node.js anyways. Tomcat you could also get working with XPA, there's a requester, ... . Besides there's also another undocumented feature re webservices in Xpa: WCF (.NET) and some other stuff.

The idea behind not providing any documentation and/or samples is I think to keep the MSE consultants busy cause MSE is a PS organization anyways meanwhile (basically, imho). 

Best regards,


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