Re: Providing Web Services with magic xpa3.3 and axis2

Andreas Sedlmeier

Hi Luuk,

That link goes to your local disk, all those help pages are online too: . Thats however only about web requesters and b) a "not good for much" style document. In Xpi dopcumentation MSE typically invests a bit more and there's some more documentation. Starts here: 

Actually I think, Xpa is around 15 years behind current webservices/microservice technology and you need Xpi (and Gigaspaces) anyway, if you plan to do something serious  ... with Magic technology for providing and consuming webservices. Probably you have your service (REST) done before you were able to explain your business partner what SOAP actually is. I just did not see later Xpi versions yet and cannot tell if it improved a lot in that respect. Was a pain too, webservixes with Xpi a few years ago.

Best regards,


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