Re: httpget on magic ver 9.4

Frederik Soete


I do not think you can display your blob virtual's contents just by painting a control for that same virtual on the v9.4 screen (except for rich text format blobs). So, if you do not see any content, that would not necessarily mean the httpget failed. After the httpget, try to store the blob in a file using the function Blb2File(...), and inspect the resulting file. Also, if the httpget fails, there is also a related httperror function. This way you would know if your fetching the url worked or not.

As for displaying the blob contents: you could save the blob and display using an external editor. Otherwise you need to convert the blob to an alpha (not really all that simple, and alphas have limited length). Or you could embed some OLE control for displaying the html result as an interpreted web page, but then again you could simply embed internet explorer and navigate to the url, without using that blob. Just know that OLE and internet explorer may not stay around forever.


Frederik Soete

Op do 20 dec. 2018 05:09 schreef Anton Doank <anton.khansa@...:

dear groups,
i am trying to load html result to blob.
i have make simple program like this
1. i have 1 virtual A as blob,
2. then i have form screen virtual A and button to trigger
3. when button pressed i just update virtual A with  HTTPGet('')

my problem is :
1. the virtual A not show the result. is there any step that i missed it?
2. how to show blob var as the result httpget in the gui screen, is there any control properties that i should set?

any tips really appreciate

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