Re: httpget on magic ver 9.4 (Solved)

Andreas Sedlmeier

I think Xpa has half of that bug / feature still too. There you would not need that update to a alpha, you could directly put the blob on the form - however (as far as I remember) only if its a Blob Unicode or Blob Ansi resp. text. Blob Binary would not work (resp. behave like 9.4). Thats however a pity and contradiction of the protocols because you cannot know what it is what you get from the http request before you actually did execute it. The server will tell what the content-type (and encoding) is and typically it's UTF-8 - which cannot be converted to ANSI (if response has character codes >= 128).

So actually it would be best if you directly write that blob to disk as a file with extension .html (if it is) and open it either with external browser or embedded broeser. Looks much better anyways :)

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