Re: Call REST webservice in XPA 3.3

Andreas Sedlmeier

Yes, you are right, I missed the topic a bit ^^.  Really thought was about providing a webservice and the term REST always adds to confusion because it is not REST what most sited do anyway, its simple Web APIs.

For consuming such an API (as long its not websockets) you can indeed use Magic http functions. For the JSON however and the security (OAuth2, ...) you are better off with Java and/or .NET and if you use that anyways, why then do the http request with low-level legacy Magic http functions. You can use Java/.NET for that too.

In the Online/RIA samples there's some samples for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Thats about consuming Web Apis which are secured with Oauth2/OpenId Connect and data-exchange format is JSON.

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On Fri, Dec 21, 2018 at 01:58 PM, Luuk wrote:
The subject is 'Call REST webservice in XPA 3.3'?
What has that to do with 'building a API with Magic on server side'?

That's probably why I was asking.... because 'Call REST webservice in XPA 3.3' can be quit simple....
As indeed the server-side stuff, is most often done better in other tooling.

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