Re: Excel Fromating #chat

Andreas Sedlmeier

Hi Asim,

Depends a bit on how complex the final excel sheets will be, if you do this from within Magic with .NET however (and thats one way to go) you will end up with a huge amount of .NET stuff which is hard to maintain, to debug and to test.

Relatively easy it would be if you create .NET or Java code (f.i. from a Magic merge template), compile it, and run it. Thats exactly what MSE does when you create a RIA client for Windows Mobile or Android with the Interface builder.

When you decide for Java (good choice): There's Apache POI which allows you to create office documents (all versions), without being required to have Office actually installed. It also ships with plenty of examples:

Thats the alternative I would suggest :). In the file section there's MS Office code which you could use as well. Most of it is very old, and wont work anymore ... I fear.

Best regards,


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