Re: Need Help on Magic XPA RIA #askmembers #howto #suggestion

soumya u <soumya1pudding@...>

Hi Brenda,

Please find the text , just the license name is masked with '*'.

Rich_Internet_Demo = MgxpaRuntime.exe -DeploymentMode=B -StartApplication="D:\Magic\xpa_45\SampleProjects\Rich Internet Demo\Rich Internet Demo.ecf" @magic.ini -LicenseName=******,,,,1,0

Rich_Internet_Samples = MgxpaRuntime.exe -DeploymentMode=B -StartApplication="D:\Magic\xpa_45\SampleProjects\Rich Internet Samples\Rich Internet Samples.ecf" @magic.ini -LicenseName=******,,,,1,0

Best Regards


On Mon, Jun 3, 2019 at 3:23 PM Brenda Bullorini <bbullorini@...> wrote:
I'm not entirely sure but, I think that the definition on the mgrb.ini needs to have the same name as the project.
Maybe if you remove the "_" ?
Can you paste here the complete line as text?

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