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Hello Andreas,

Thanks for the Reply.I Need Unipaas and Xpa as there are many Programmes on Unipaas which Needs to be migrated to Xpa.

Will try out the different port numbers as you suggested ,make changes in the ini files and will also consider other Points.

Best Regards

On Tue, Jun 4, 2019 at 3:32 PM Andreas Sedlmeier <sedlmeier@...> wrote:
  1. I have Unipaas 1.9 and Xpa 4.5 both installed on the System and they both use the same Broker with the port number 5115. Can you please tell me does this cause any Problem
Yes, that's not going to work. You can either run uniPaaS Broker or Xpa Broker, just not in parallel because only the broker you start first will be able to bind port 5115. Use different ports for uniPaaS and Xpa (like 4115 for uniPaas and 5115 for Xpa) and change mgrb.ini (in Magic directory), mgreq.ini (in scripts directory) and your MAGIC.ini accordingly. The mgreq.ini in Magic directory is not really relevant, it's for "Call Remote" resp. partitioning. You can change that to correct port number of broker too.

Even then this paralllel installations of Magic versions may raise issues because the requester names for uniPaaS and Xpa is I think the same: mgrqispi.dll . Now it depends on the isolation mode of your IIS if it loads that DLL once or twice and if its only loaded once (and shared) it will also only read one of the two mgreq.ini files .

I would say running two brokers of two versions on the same host is simply not supported by MSE and will only cause trouble. Docker would solve that issue, then you would run however in license issues I fear. 

Do you really need Xpa and uniPaas broker on same machine ? There's a chancxe to get that work, its just a bit complicated due to that dependency with IIS and that ISAPI gatway.

If you do run your broker as an application, you should see in system tray if a specific application is loaded. If you do run it as a service you do not have this. You can then use the broker monitor  or mgrqcmdl utility to query for applications and runtimes (


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