Parallel Task / Progam XPA 3.3c / 3.3e

Freddy Dewulf

Hi group,

In my application, I use components.
I have some select programs, eg Customers, Suppliers, Contacts, ...
When I call these programs from the menu or taskbar, I call a small program with Parallel excecution.
This works very fine on a usual PC, on a virtual PC and als on Terminalserver (Remote Desktop).

But at one of my customers, working with Terminalserver, it takes a few minutes before I get the view.
When I disable Parallel excecution, the program works with at the normal speed.
Is it possible that XPA has to 'cache' or save the memory to create that session/thread?
I consider there is only 1,8GB free space on disk.
I suppose the slowness has something to do with the internal memory for a TS session.
I did not control how much memory that session on the TS  can use.
Ca somebody tell me how much memory does XPA need on a TS session?
The system admins Always ask such questions, but I can't find anything about this in the docs.


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