Re: Magic XPA 3.3 RIA problem #ria #xpa

Todd Baremore


Have you tried using the following?
I have this in following program.

This will allow you to monitor the Unavailable Server event and handle it as you wish.
On 9/20/2019 4:01 AM, lehoczki.viktor via Groups.Io wrote:

The below problem arise in our Magic XPA 3.3 Rich Client application:

The application runs on Android telephones and tablets.

Sometimes the user goes too far and the telephone loose wifi signal. Immediately when this happens the magic „Communication Error” appears (Network unavailable. Do you wish to retry connecting?)

It would be better delaying the message for x seconds and after the elapsed time the error message can appear. In case user goes back near to the wifi in x secends there should be no error message.

We tried using:




URLTimeout= 70



RequesterTimeout = 70


We also tried:

Unavailable Server event with ServerLastAccessStatus() function


ClientSessionSet('EnableCommunicationDialogs','FALSE'LOG) function


None of above solves the problem. Sometimes other message appears and the application quits, sometimes after 7 second no error message appears and the application just hangs.

May be combination of settings or functions can solve the problem, but what combination?


I really appreciate any help in this topic.

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