Re: Magic XPA 3.3 RIA problem #ria #xpa


Dear Todd Barmore,

Thanks for your comment!
Yes, I've tried.
I've made several more tests.
Works more or less. Sometimes when wifi signal lost I got Server Unavailable in 2 seconds. Sometimes it works as expected so the program hangs the cursor shape changes and when I have wifi signal again the program continues. Sometimes the program hangs, cursor shape changes but after 7 seconds no  "Do you wish to retry connecting?" message appear.
So, I don't know to force the application to behave always the same way. When signal lost wait for 7 seconds then when signal is back continue if signal is lost drop an error message "Do you wish to retry connecting?". So only the error message appearance should be delayed for a while to give a chance to the user go back near the wifi.

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