Pervasive SQL V8.0 to a newer version

marwin mesa

Hi Magic u/l group:

1) our current setup is we are using Pervasive SQL v8.10  in a Virtual Server running Windows Server 2003
2) We are using Unipaas 1.9C in  separate Windows Server 2003 32bit / Windows Server 2008 32 bit/ Windows 10 64 bit  to access that Pervasive SQL
3) In the future we would like to use a higher version of Magic XPA than the 1.9 C
4) we would probably install  The newer Pervasive SQL probably v12 or higher into a windows server 2012 64 bit
So the questions are:
1)  What is the latest Pervasive  SQL version and model that you have worked on before and/or you would suggest for us to use that can be installed on Windows Server 2012/2016  and  can be connected to Unipaas 1,9c/ Magic XPA
2) Which vendor/reseller do you suggest for us to have the Pervasive SQL?
3) Do someone offer Services in guiding us to  install/configure and connecting the new Pervasive SQL to Unipaas 1.9C  ?

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