Re: Increasing delay of task-execution times (MYSTERY SOLVED)


Hi Andreas

After successfully running the ActiveMQ sample demo from XPA demo, I intend to switch to STOMP protocol.
As far I can understand, changing the Magic code, so that it refers to a different protocol & port will not be enough.
Since the Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ library does not support STOMP, I will have to change the .NET code also, so that it uses the Apache.NMS.Stomp libraries.
Am I right?

(My apologies if my question is naïve, but I have the common 'dinosaur" magicians difficulty: when it comes to programming out of magic, I become slower than a snail ;-)

Best regards

On 30/10/2019 10:31 μ.μ., Andreas Sedlmeier wrote:
The gradual decrease in performance is most likely caused by the memory leak and you would see this in performance monitor when you check swap file access and that stuff (actually you see it even in task monitor process details by adding "page faults" to the displayed columns, ..). 

Anyway. Glad to hear your problem is solved and dont hestitate to contact me privately if you cannot get that ActiveMQ sample working, or open an issue on the board there. It's not much more than a sample.

From a Magic programmer perspective you might be better off by using a different protocol in order to access your message queues, STOMP f.i.

ActiveMQ (and many other messaging software) supports that

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