Re: Magic XPA 3.3 RIA deployment problem #ria #xpa

Tim Downie

Hi -

My Phone has 3 different Android RIA apps all pointing to different servers when I build the APK i tell the it to create the txt flile  on the server.

Im not sure what you mean by if anything changes in the application you need to create a new build. you only need to create a new APK should u use java.classes and add a new one or you move host.
If you are just changing the magic logic then you just republish the ecf and restart broker.

or am I not understanding the question here?

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Dear Group Members,

I would like to use 2 separate applications on the same android phone or tablet. The account settings on the phone are different (ie.:server)
I can make 2 different files using interface builder to have 2 different file to be installed. In this case the problem is the following the server ip or hostname in the created file is fixed. And if anything changes inthe application I have to create a new one and deploy again to all phones and tablets.
Is there any other possibility to use 2 or more different magic applications? Servers, application settings and broker can vary. May be on one server magic uses mgrqcgi on the other mgrqispi.



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