Re: Magic XPA 3.3 RIA deployment problem #ria #xpa


Dear Tim,

Currently when I deploy the magicdev.apk only 1 icon appears on the screen of the phone and in android only 1 account setting can be set.
So I write into the setting only 192.x.x.x/MagicScripts/X.txt
X.txt contains the application properties.
I'd like to have 2 icons with 2 settings.
As far as I know it's only possible when I use Options/Interface builder/Rich Client Deployment.
In this menu I have to add the server ip or host name. So when I install the application in the install files the server and all the logic of the application is coded. Am I wrong?
Is the any other way? How can I deploy in another way? 

In this current situation yes I only stop the broker then copy the new ecf and start the broker.

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