Re: Magic XPA 3.3 RIA deployment problem #xpa #ria

Tim Downie

Im not really aure why you would want to do this have the same install twice but pointing to different servers?

Yes you can do this but its requires to diiferent published appplications and apks
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Dear Tim,

Currently when I deploy the magicdev.apk only 1 icon appears on the screen of the phone and in android only 1 account setting can be set.
So I write into the setting only 192.x.x.x/MagicScripts/X.txt
X.txt contains the application properties.
I'd like to have 2 icons with 2 settings.
As far as I know it's only possible when I use Options/Interface builder/Rich Client Deployment.
In this menu I have to add the server ip or host name. So when I install the application in the install files the server and all the logic of the application is coded. Am I wrong?
Is the any other way? How can I deploy in another way? 

In this current situation yes I only stop the broker then copy the new ecf and start the broker.

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