Re: Magic XPA 3.3 RIA deployment problem #ria #xpa

Tim Downie

The only way i see right now is publish apk twice. Or as mamy times as you need - we do this for all our mobile apps - one for dev one for prod. This i dont see really as much of an issue
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On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 10:46 AM, Tim Downie wrote:
Im not really aure why you would want to do this have the same install twice but pointing to different servers?
Thats the whole point of CI/CD. The application I currently work on which is Angular on frontend and Java on backend is I think deployed to 20 or 30 different environments (for testing, feature branches, integration, whatever). Only production environment there's just one. That however is a cluster. Kubernetes actually.

It's however not what Victor wants as far as I understand it. He wants two different icons on his mobile device (Android) pointing to two different applications and for that you just have to create two Magic (RIA) applications. Server settings and such would be (could be) identical, it's only the appName which needs to differ because thats what the requester will use in order to find an application server (by asking the broker).

Since its the interface builder which generates the required Java sources it's not possible to build any Magic RIA application without and if there's a change where you are not absolutely sure that it has no impact on the client side, you need to run the Interface builder again. A way to automate this there's none as far as I know . There's however some promises from MSE to come up with a version which fits better in modern DevOps / GitOps - automated delivery pipelines, ... 

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