Re: Magic XPA 3.3 RIA deployment problem #ria #xpa

Tim Downie

We just build the apk twice into two different published folders using the interface end up with two apks in two different virtual iis folders with two different sets of properties defined in the properties.txt file inside the published foler.
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On Tue, Nov 12, 2019 at 07:48 PM, Tim Downie wrote:
The only way i see right now is publish apk twice. Or as mamy times as you need - we do this for all our mobile apps - one for dev one for prod. This i dont see really as much of an issue
And how do you actually do this ? The configuration file contains information about the backend and that gets compiled into the apk during build process. So either you work with different application properties (which is in terms of Magic Interface Builder) different applications or you replace the configuration file before build - or after build in the apk, If you dont do and you initially specified your production environment as backend your dev apk will access production and vice versa. Do I miss something here ?? Im not really familiar with RIA deployments.

P.S./Ediit: Its following file which gets generated by the Interface builder and from where the builder (mostly powershell a little gradle) will read the configuration information from:
That needs to be replaced (changed) before the actual build starts. Otherwise this information will end up in apk 

Correct ?


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