Re: Magic XPA 3.3 RIA deployment problem #ria #xpa

Andreas Sedlmeier

On Wed, Nov 13, 2019 at 11:13 AM, Tim Downie wrote:
We just build the apk twice into two different published folders using the interface end up with two apks in two different virtual iis folders with two different sets of properties defined in the properties.txt file inside the published foler.
Ok, thanks for clarification, then it's clear. You in fact use the interface builder twice to create two different apks. "Publish apk twice" did sound to me as if you would use one apk for different environments.

Actually, in order to support as many environments as you want, you do not need to use the interface builder more then once because you can also start the build after replacing the configuration files or even change the configuration of the generated apk. At the end its a Java jar respectively a zipfile and actually it's a good idea to do it like that because then you can factor out errors during "interface building" and what you depoloy to production is actually what you did use in dev/test too.

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