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When I requested for an update of my studio license to ver 4.5, I also received a pre-activated license, probably because their web-activation site is not working for the new license format).
In case its helps, here is my related post in this group since Oct16:
Studio-XPA4.5 requires a new license compared to previous 4.X versions, and the new license file has different format compared to the one that is being used for the last two decades.
Also, It seems that there is an issue with the license-checking mechanism of Studio-XPA4.5 which was not present in previous 4.X versions. 
For example,  the following studio environment setting reports an "Invalid License" error,  even if the correct license.dat file was in place and and the alternate license-server was down:
       LicenseFile = C:\FlexLM\license.dat;D:\Magic xpa x.x\License.dat;744@SERVERNAME
..while this worked:
       LicenseFile = C:\FlexLM\license.dat
In conclusion: specifying an alternate license path in the environment settings, messes up with the license-check (Studio-XPA version 4.5.a, Windows version 7 & 10 )

BTW, I have informed MSE about the problem, but I have no response so far.


On 20/11/2019 10:56 π.μ., DarKWateR wrote:
Has anyone been able to update their license to version 4.6?
Magic sent me the rar file to activate it.
When I use the activation portal and put the serial number and product key, I get directly "license already activated", instead of the step of the form that asks for personal information.
However, I do not receive mail or anything with the license.

In the rar file comes a .dat file formatted equal to the MGDEMO of the Magic installation, but trying to use it tells me that the license is incorrect.

I hope someone could use it to see if it gives me any light.
Thanks a lot.

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