XPA 4.6 New Transaction Warning WP0266

Steven Burrows

Looking at a 2.5 to 4.6 conversion and we are a little worried about a new warning in XPA 4.6


WP0266: The task is defined to open a transation but the transation will not be opened since no data source was defined.


We have a LOT of them, and in the vast majority of cases, its fine, the transaction is utterly unnecessary. However, in a many places, we have a task with no data that is specifically there so that we can run several sub tasks within the same transaction.

If this new behaviour that we will have to code around by defining tables from the correct databases, or is has this always been the case (our code not as safe as we thought!), and its just the warning that is new ?

It’s a bit of a major change that I cant find described in the Upgrade notes


Steven Burrows



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