Re: Magic XPA utility in Magic XPI flow

Andreas Sedlmeier

On Wed, Nov 27, 2019 at 01:22 PM, Brenda Bullorini wrote:
I had multiple windows scheduler tasks which were invoking batch files, which were calling xpa programs.
And the client wanted to change that and call the xpa programs directly from xpi.
So there was already a big xpa project, and that's why I had to create those functions or use the xpa component
Well, its your project ^^. Functions would be fine if you would have
- constructs like promises or observables so that you can run them asynchronously and still can wait for completition
- a possibility to talk to a running instance of a Magic engine. Now you fire up one for every invocation of a program and thats quite some overhead

An Xpa component you can run asynchronously, that covers more usecases.
I would however prefer to integrate existing Magic programs with MQTT or webservices

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