Re: Repository structure in Magic Xpa / Unipaas #mgpivot #tools

Andreas Sedlmeier

On Fri, Nov 29, 2019 at 07:04 PM, Roberto Gauer wrote:
We had contact with a MS support engineer that shared with us this table where team explorer 2013 is on "general support" for online azure services.
Team Explorer 2013 does however not have very much to do with Magic Xpa. You just need it to get the MSSCCI provider work (next to Visual Studio 2013 SP5).
So for Magic there's no TFS support at all. Just scroll down in that document , There's a section "MSSCCI support" and thats what relevant for Magic and other legacy applications.
Magic Xpa 4.6 has Git support as far as I know. That would work with Azure Devops too then

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