Re: American Sales Tax Tables

Andy Jerison

Watch out for the notorious East Coast socialist* state of Florida. They have an insidious wrinkle I haven't seen before. There's a statewide sales tax onto which counties can layer a surtax. But the surtax is only chargeable on the first $5,000 of a sale, so, if your client makes high-value sales, there's an infinite number of potential tax rates.

Cool, eh?


*For non-Americans: in the United States, "socialist" corresponds to somewhat right of what would be the political center in the rest of the world. Florida's government is on the far right by world standards. 

On Wed, Dec 11, 2019, 13:05 Bob Witte <BobWitte@...> wrote:
Thanks for that Keith!  Although I wandered around their site, I missed that page.  I've signed up for the 15 states they have to report to and contacted Avalara to explore it further and will report back to the forum on my findings.

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