Re: Magic Logging (XPA 2.5)

Roberto Gauer


For FlwMtr function output, you will need only BackgroundMsg = Y

For Logging function output, you will need to start INI with a valid archive/path in ExternalLogFileName 

On Thu, Dec 12, 2019 at 6:16 PM Dean Hudson (UK) <dean.r.hudson@...> wrote:
For the log file, put the full path including the drive letter and filename including its extension

On Thu, 12 Dec 2019, 14:40 Steven Burrows, <steven.burrows@...> wrote:

Yet again I struggle with getting the Magic Logging to write to the log file. In Studio, it doesn’t matter, I can use the Activity tab, but this is the runtime on a Client site, so need the actual log file.


When I turn any of the logging on, all that happens is that the Logfile is created, and anything that appears in mgerror.log is duplicated in mgflwmtr.log (so the settings have SOME effect)

What to do to get some activity logged to file ?


I have in the magic.ini

AccessLogging = Y





Task = Y

Levels = Y

DataView = Y

Recompute = Y

Flow = Y

Events = Y

TransCache = Y

LogSynch = Y

BeginEndMsg = Y

Gateway = Y

BackgroundMsg = Y

LogClient = Y

ExternalLogFileName = mgflwmtr.log

Steven Burrows



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