Re: Document Type WS

Andreas Sedlmeier

Hi Adam,

On Fri, Dec 20, 2019 at 01:12 PM, Jackson, Adam wrote:
Start element 'Import' from namespace '' expected. Found element 'soapenv:Envelope'
That error message makes it quite clear. Look into the parameters of your WS Lite operation and probably you''ll see one there, Type: xsd:Sting or "Blob".
We could telly you exactly when you share the WSDL which you did use to create that WS client.

I suppose you are fine if you write following to a Blob variable (Type: Unicode) and use that variable as a parameter:












                  <mtp1:CompanyName>TAP V3</mtp1:CompanyName>

                  <mtp1:CompanyPostcode>EH54 5NS</mtp1:CompanyPostcode>

                  <mtp1:CompanyAddressLine1>The Green Dragon Hotel</mtp1:CompanyAddressLine1>



                  <mtp1:Notes>lorem ipsum</mtp1:Notes>






Now Magic will find what it expects at position 1: "
<tem:Import>" (and no longer "<soapenv:")
Your WS client operation will look similar to this one:

By coincidence I do work since yesterday on good old SOAP clients too for Dun & Bradstreet connectivity.
Im quite happy that I do not have to use Magic for this ^^. Magic & SOAP is a bit of a nightmare.

Try to get things work with SOAP UI first. And then think about using the code which it generates for you automatically.
Alternative: Use CURL or so do send your SOAP request to somewhere. That will result in far less issues.

Best regards,


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