SendMail Charset on Magic XPA 4.6

Sébastien GT

Hello everybody,
I have a problem with the Mailsend function on Magic XPA 4.6.
In Development mode, everything is fine, but in Runtime, when I send the e-mail, the texts aren't correct... For example, the letter "é" becomes "é". I looked in the .INI files and I don't have lines with ANSI, OEM, Unicode, UTF-8 and charset... I have this problem for the subject and body texts.
I tried to use the functions OEM2ANSIFile, UnicodeFromANSI, UnicodeToANSI, UTF8FromAnsi, UTF8ToAnsi before to send, but it's not working.
Do you have any idea where this may come from, please?
Thank you.

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