Re: Using Mailsend with attachments #ria #xpa

Roberto Ramirez


1. Validate sending an email with no attachment using Magic
2. Try a simple attachment "c:\temp\123.txt", small file size using Magic
3. Validate sending that same attachment using another email client. Use the same user id\password that Magic is using in the MailConnect function.
4. Ensure that there are no "mail server rules" preventing the attachment of files for emails for theĀ user id\password that Magic is using in the MailConnect function

Roberto Ramirez

On Wed, Feb 12, 2020, at 12:18 AM, Darren wrote:

Hello Guys,

I am having an issue using MailSend with attachments right after deploying to our runtime/Q.A server.
I got it perfectly working on dev without any issues.

Now the issue is MailSend returning code -80(Failed to add attachment to the message).

Any thoughts?

Best Regards,

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