Re: License for running a batch in Background mode has changed in XPA3.3?


Hi Andreas

It's a simple nightly batch task (no events) that runs for a couple of hours and then exits.
Magic needs to run in background mode is because it's called via the Windows TaskScheduler. In order to run correctly, it requires the screen output to be suspended (Did the tests 3-4 years ago, so I don't remember the exact reason).

Background mode, since XPA-3.3 requires at least an MGPART license (still I did not find any documentation for this change).
Finally we activated an unused Enterprise Server license, which was more than enough for it to run.

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On 26/2/2020 1:04 π.μ., Andreas Sedlmeier wrote:

As long as you need no broker you should run your application in foreground mode anyways - with ActivateRequestBroker=N
Actually I think, events (like timer events) would not even work in background mode.

Didnt you habe ActiveMQ as free broker alternative anyways ? Resp. that .NET code which allows you to call into Magic ?

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