Re: Corrupted LICENSE>DAT file after activation


Hi magicians

Documenting the answer to my prior question, in case that someone else faces something similar in the future:

What caused the corrupted license file was a mistype of the Host-ID.
The activation page, did not report any problem on screen - instead the error was reported in the beginning of the resulting license file.

Many thanks to Mr Yuval Asheri from MSE, who helped us resolve the issue.


On 23/2/2020 7:03 μ.μ., Avgerinos wrote:
Hi magicians

Yesterday we tried to register MGENT1 license (XPA3 Enterprise Server) via MSE's activation site.
We followed all the steps required for registering based on the Host-ID of the server.
The activation process seemed OK, with no error message displayed on screen.
Still the DAT that was downloaded after activation was corrupted.
When trying to activate again, it states that the license is already activated.

I checked the downloaded license file with an editor and instead of the usual license file format, it starts with the following error message:
"C:\Reg_Dir4\registration\lmf7\LMF:line 5:Invalid parameter
Context:       00505687e96
FLEXlm error:  -42,298
For further information, refer to the FLEXlm End User Manual,
available at ""."

Did anyone experienced something similar so far? How did you deal with it?

Also, it seems that the contact I had with MSE for licensing issues is no more active.
Does anyone know whom I can contact regarding licensing questions, either from MSE or from their representatives in Europe? (I think Greece belongs to DE or HU sales region)

Thanks in advance

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