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That would document changes to any program in the application, not a specific program. I'm seeking a finer resolution of modifications if possible.

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Hi Arch, why not just use an app version? My applications are updated once or twice a week and on every release I increment the version number. It looks something like yyyy.nn (Year + When you put the version number in a program (or database table) and update it with every release, you can extract it easily and use it in your logging.


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I am keeping a log of the number of times a program was run and who used it last. A customer now wants to know how long a program was used each day by each user for the past 5 years! If I am going to amass that huge database, it would be nice to include the program version that was run as well.

Does anyone know how to extract the "Last Update" from the Program Repository? Since the source code is not at the client's site, I can't read the timestamp from those files

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