Tom Worthen

It is my understanding that the MGRIA license is seat count based. That also means threads because when a user logs into RIA they start an instance and use a license. Even if that user does not do anything for the next 15 minutes that thread/license is in use and not available for another user. So, to me you have to look at the MGRIA license as concurrent users using your system.


This really doesn’t answer your question but it seemed to me that you thought the MGRIA license was not thread based but in reality it is and in our experience if you wanted to run the same application using RIA as opposed to HTML Merge you would have to have considerably more threads to support the same number of users. We have a HTML Merge application that supports hundreds of users and our ENT license is 11 threads. We also have a RIA license, used completely intranet and our user count is 10 and we typically are maxed out on it because of the number of employees we have using it.


Just my thoughts.


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Sent: Thursday, March 12, 2020 1:08 PM
Subject: [magicu-l] THE MGRIA AND THE THREADS


Hello group,

Since the "MGRIA" license counts the number of users, can I assume that the number of "Threads" is limited only by the capabilities of the machine?

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