Re: Connecting shares automatically

Rob Westland

Hi Steve,

The problem is not the Broker running under a wrong account.

The problem is the script which has to be executed. That script is or run by the Scheduler or through a GPO. But in both caes it's not executed.

Or am I on the wrong way?

The problem is that the Magic engine wants to create some temp files which must be available for the webserver.


Op 16-3-2020 om 20:55 schreef Steven Blank:


My guess is that the service is configured to log on as the Local System Account, in which case, it (the service) is an anonymous guest and, as such, possesses no rights at all on the network.

If this is the case, then I suggest you modify the service to log on with a specific, ad hoc, domain user account.


HTH – Steve Blank

On 3/16/2020 10:38 AM, Rob Westland wrote:


How are you automatically connecting to UNC path which are password protected?

There must exist a share between a Magic server and a Webserver. The Magic engine tries to write this file to the share: Start_N_0MP_$$$_$_$_0_04600__0bad954cf6feda90f642c6765dcabd53648446a74609d3ec540074ac.xml. Also other files, but this an example.

We have a webserver with a password protected share. And a Magic server running the Magic engine, but the engine is of course started from a service. No one logs in on the server, so the share must already be connected on startup of the server.

I have stored the credentials of the share in the Windows Credentials Manager of the Magicserver.

I tried it with a scheduled task and with a GPO: Computer Configuration\Windows Settings\Scripts\Startup

But the batch file does not run

The batchfile contains:

net use \\web-01\MagicWebCCache
fsutil file createnew c:\tmp\started 10

The second line is just to check if the script has run

When I login and go to the share, it is immediately connected, I don't have to enter my credentials.

Does anyone have a clue?


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