Re: Printing multiiple lines on a standardized form

Keith Canniff



Try the following. From the Data Repository do a Ctrl+G on your table, tell it to generate a “Print” output. Not sure if 9.4 did this but XPA will generate an output with a table control in a form, but I’m sure you have a copy of XPA around you could do this with just to verify


I would then:

  • expand the form (Change to inches from Dialog Units, and make it 8.5 x 11… or the Dialog Unit equivalent)
  • expand the table size to the 9 rows you want
  • change the table control properties to “Fix size table = Yes”
  • Move the table on the form approximately where you want it before entering all the other fields around it
  • Change the output to Preview so you can see it on the screen
  • Run it


You should get the desired output… at least you do in XPA.


Note: There should only be one form and it should be a “Detail” area and Expand Form = No




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Thanks. Got it working


Output form needed to be set to Auto instead of Top (of course)


Also I needed to set table height to fixed, otherwise it would print just 2 records per page and pull the bottom text up to below the 2-record table instead of at the bottom of the page. I might be able to handle the text shift via a separate form, but I'm not sure why it printed just 2 records per page.  Any thoughts?




On 3/21/2020 11:17 PM, sherman levine wrote:

Just tried it (not much to do here these days).

Gives me one record per page.



On 3/21/2020 10:49 PM, Sherman Levine wrote:

Really? I’ll give that a try tomorrow. 




On Mar 21, 2020, at 22:35, Keith Canniff <kcanniff@...> wrote:


You should be able to define the entire page as a single form with a table control in the middle just like an online screen.

The table control has 7 columns in it.

If you have less than 9 records the remainder of the 9 rows will be blank and so any fields outside the table will print in the same location

If there are more than 9 items then Magic will automatically start a new page with table continuing from record 10-19 and so on.

Is that what you're looking for?


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This is a 9.4 question, but I suspect it's still relevant to newer releases.

I have a form (in this case a Bill of Lading) which includes a fixed
height table plus lots of fixed text above, to the right, and below the

  In this case, the table consists of up to 9 line items, each of which
has 7 fields.

Now, I've handled this in the past by putting 63 virtuals on the form, 
populating them by scanning a table and doing a bunch of varsets (in
this case 7) for each of the 9 line items, then printing the page etc.

It works, but lacks grace and elegance.

An alternative approach is to use 9 RTF edit controls, and synthesize
one RTF string for each line item.  That actually works quite nicely. I
can mix font sizes and styles, but I'm limited to fixed-width fonts if I
want the columns to align. (For those who want to try this, its easiest
to build a test line as a RTF text control, export the Magic task, and
see what the Magic-acceptable RTF looks like, then copy and replace)

I was wondering if anybody had found a better solution.






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