XPA differences - Range/Locate/Key switching in the GUI

Peter Ashworth

Hi all

For a long while our project has been in Magic 9 and we are slowly but surely pushing into XPA. A thing we use, I suppose mostly for troubleshooting but it has other uses, is the ctrl+r ctrl+l and ctrl+k commands.

This worked really nicely in Magic 9 because it was interlaced into the visible table and you could just enter your range or locate into the column you were interested in. However now the functionality is gone, with a sort of replacement in the UserFunctionalityComponent.

It seems like a step back in functionality for existing projects, new projects you can always code with it in mind I suppose. Now its a popup window, with all of the virtual variable names in the task listed as selectable values even if they are static and not in the table. And as such a lot of these variables are named from a developer perspective and aren't friendly to be displayed to the user.

I've read there is options to by default don't expose anything to the range window and instead you can add a flag indicator to specific virtuals to allow them to be exposed. However to do that would be an extremely manual process.

Also I've noticed the keys window always defaults to key 1 even if the current key in use is something else, which isn't very helpful as we used to use this fairly often to tell us what key a program was using when troubleshooting at a site, without having to reference back to the code, and dig through logic if its a dynamically selected key.

Whats been every ones thoughts on this? Has there been any tweaking or working around of this/alternative approaches? Or is the accepted thinking now that you actually write a GUI screen to handle filtering of specific fields in a view?

Another thing we might try, although its not an ideal approach, is to load the user functionality component, but try and suppress calls to it other then specific support/super users.



PS Hope all is well with everyone

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