Re: Copy - Paste From Spreadsheet Cells to Magic XPA program #ria #xpa

Steven Blank


Regarding the copy part, use invoke OLE or dotNet to obtain a reference the Excel object model's Range object. The Range object returns the equivalent of a Magic Vector, so you would need to parse this, cell by cell, using VecGet functions and copy the data into a data table, then display the content of the data table in a table control.


Steve Blank

On 4/26/2020 10:47 PM, Darren wrote:

Hello Everyone,

Is there any way that could possibly able to copy cells and directly paste them onto a XPA table populating the exact same way they look on the spreadsheet?

Excel Spreadsheet                                    XPA table

r    data1-data1-data1-data1                data1-data1-data1-data1                  
o   data2-data2-data2-data2                data2-data2-data2-data2
data3-data3-data3-data3                data3-data3-data3-data3


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