Re: Using MS Excel for Dash Board integrating with uniPaaS 1.9

Wes Hein


1. Use DataViewToText() to get it to a csv, then use OfficeCom to open the csv and save it as a xls if excel is installed and you are ok with xls, mostly easy.
2. Still use DataViewToText() to get it to a csv then read through the file and write each line to xlsx using a dll you will need to write using openxml and closedxml, not so easy but works without excel installed.
3. Write a dll using using openxml and closedxml that allows you to write to a dntable then convert the table to excel, also not so easy but gets you a xlsx and does not require excel to be installed.

We do have a dll for option 2 but it is somewhat out of date and not really sharable as contains other features for our company as well.

Once you use XPA this becomes much easier.


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