Re: Using MS Excel for Dash Board integrating with uniPaaS 1.9

Steven Blank


I've kicked around a similar dashboard idea of late, but I wanted to leave MS Excel out of the mix.

Instead, I've been thinking of placing a plain old web browser control on my Magic form and then feeding it HTML. One can accomplish some pretty amazing stuff now with HTML5.

I have not pursued it any further, though. Sorry.

Steve Blank

On 5/18/2020 8:10 AM, Lado Wali wrote:
Hi Group,

Just checking if we can integrate MS Excel with uniPaaS 1.9 to display exported data for graphical interface. In normal cases we export the data to xml and open in file in Excel to create the pivot and also create graphs. Just wondering if we can create some kind of excel template and then write the data from uniPaaS to Excel. Just wondering if someone can share their ideas.


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