Locked out of studio with msg I've never seen before

Santana John

Hi, I sure hope someone knows what I need to do here.

Using good ol' uniPaaS 1.9p, Windows 10, as I have for years with no problems. Suddenly today I get this dialog:


I've restarted Mr. Computer and checked everything I know to check, but I still get this message. I'm hoping there's something easy to fix here. I expect a complete uninstall and reinstall might fix it, but it just might not. 

I should mention that there are no other running computers my network.

It looks like it might be an entry in some MSE file I don't know about, or maybe a registry value went haywire. If you know what this is about, I sure would appreciate your taking the time to respond. I've use Magic since it first came out in the 80s, and seen many a strange message, but this is yet another first. Just when you think you've seen it all....


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