Re: Display Issue with app running on iPad

Frederik Soete

Hi Graham,

Some of my co-workers are updating an app from xpa 3.2 to xpa 3.3 because they
need to use a new Xcode version for publishing it. They experience the same
form sizing issue as you did in february. We would like to know if you have
found some solution to the issue?

Thanks in advance,

Frederik Soete



We have an issue with a form displaying incorrectly on an iPad.  This has arisen since an update of Magic or IOS which we are not sure.  The attachment shows the form within the studio at the correct resolution for the iPad, however, when it displays in runtime the whole thing seems to be enlarged and only ¾ of the form is visible in the frame both vertically and horizontally.  The rest of it is there but you have to move it to the left or upwards to see what is outside the frame.  This is a subform displayed within a Tab control.

Any help would be most appreciated.


Graham White

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