TFS Check in

Jackson, Adam



I am having minor issue with checking in programs using TFS 2017 in xPa 2.5d. When I first check a program in after opening the studio the check in performs as expected (magic dialogue followed by TFS dialogue followed by check in). For all subsequent check ins until I restart studio again I get the xPa dialogue but then “Parameter is not valid” followed by “non-specific failure, file was not synched”. If I then check in directly in  source explorer in TFS I can check in with no problems. As I know I am getting the problem I usually just go straight to TFS and check in there without even trying in studio however it is annoying to have to do so. It used to work OK so something has changed but I cannot figure out what. I have NOT altered xPa in anyway and I just now patched TFS JIC but still the same.


Has anyone else had same or similar and fixed?








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