Re: Unipaas v1.8SP1b - Cannot open secret names

Rob Westland

See answers below

Op 25-9-2020 om 04:19 schreef mictiu@...:
Hi Rob,

Thank you for replying. 

your securityfile is Read-only.
*** do i need to change to not read only ?

Yes, otherwise Magic can't change, add, remove Secret Names and users

Enable your SQL-logging and you can see the exact SQL-command, then you can better see the cause of the SQL-error.
*** how can i do this ? any details steps ?

(From mu memory) Goto: Options/Settings/Logging

Enable the required options (all)

Set an output file for the logging

Go to tab: Database

Change the loglevel for the database to: Customer

and run your program

Thank you so much

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