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One more suggestion to add :

Since Magic clears the event-queue and disables event-handling when a "Stop" instruction of "Box" type is executed, you need to replace all these alert-boxes with calls to a custom Show-Message program.  
This program may also have some countdown mechanism, to allow for the user to react before automatically aborting and exiting.


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Oh and to add to Sherm’s suggestion:


You could also add to the expression a time of day if you wanted to get people out of the system only after let’s say 5pm.




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Only thing to add - if you run long reports without user intervention, then perhaps add  Level(1)='RM' to your idle time expression.




On 10/18/2020 8:25 AM, Keith Canniff wrote:

This one is very easy and have done it quite often for people that leave their application up and go home, which can mess up backups.

In Application Events add an event handler that is based on Elapsed (let's say every 5 minutes) and have it call a new program “Exit System on Idle”

In the new program, Batch Task, set End Task to Yes, Don’t open a window, no options, etc.

In Task Suffix add an Evaluate operation that does “Exit System’ACT with a condition Idle() > however much time you want before it exits with no activity.

Idle looks for keyboard inactivity and resets when someone touches a key.

Now every 5 minutes the application event will run this new program and if the idle time is greater than whatever you set it to, Exit System action will take place, closing your application.



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Dear all,


I have an application on magic 8.3.

Can I make that application automatically close when there is no user interaction within several minute ?

Thanks for advice


Have a great weekend




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