Studio XPA 3 and 4.7 on same workstation, IIS and RIA, how to set brokers #ria #xpa

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3 is on port 5115, 4.7 is on port 5135.
In all ini's of 4.7, port number is changed from 5115 to 5135,
IIS is reseted after every change
Starting manually any RC program from 4.7 Studio, end with message "The application could not log you on. Make sure your user ID and password are correct".
Server in message is correctly show as (local iis web name) -> xxxx/5135
Application (is app name).

I have no idea what to check beside magic.ini, mgrb.ini, mgreq.ini.
In IIS config I can see path to both dll on separate program files..
Virtual directories are separte on instalation of xpa (added sufix as version number).

What else could be?
Can two Studio versions run on same machine?

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