Re: Studio XPA 3 and 4.7 on same workstation, IIS and RIA, how to set brokers #ria #xpa

Andreas Sedlmeier

On Tue, Nov 17, 2020 at 12:53 PM, aa bbb wrote:
What else could be?
Can two Studio versions run on same machine?
Basically no because the requester DLL reads the .INI (mgreq.ini) when its loaded and it loads only once when you have multiple studio installations.

In the past it was able to workaround with "highly isolated IIS instances". Thats however IIS6 or so. I think you can try with different application pools for your IIS - Im not an IIS Expert.

I would run Broker, IIS and runtime in a docker container, then you can have as much instances as you want on a single machine / cluster.

There's only a license problem then. Magic and modern DevOps is two different worlds.

Besides above I think multiple studio installations will raise issues because its registered in HKLM (local machine)

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