Re: Android Interface Build Problem #android


This is how we managed to solved our issues. At first we upgraded directly from 3.3c to 3.3g. It got messy after that. Good thing we have a snapshot of the server. We rolled the server back.

Then did the following steps instead.

1) We installed a new installation of 3.3g in another PC.
2) We upgraded the server from 3.3c to 3.3h
3) In our server, we backup my android folder under C:\Program Files (x86)\MSE\Magic xpa 3.3\RIAModules\Android. Also backup the IOS folder too.
4) We upgraded our server from 3.3c to 3.3g.
5) We deleted Android folder and IOS folder in our server and copied the Android folder and IOS folder from a fresh install.
6) We slowly brought in each scripts from the backup and edited the android manifest file to put in entries from the old android manifest.
7) Did the same for google-services.json.

It ran smoothly after that.

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