Re: Length of .NET alpha parameters


Thanks Steven. I will check it.

I wonder if there is any way to use BLOBs for this


On 12/2/2021 8:01 π.μ., Steven Burrows wrote:
Not sure if it circumvents the XPA size limit, but you could try .Net string (or number?) arrays

Have a look in UserFunctionality Main Prog for an example of use



Steven Burrows

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Hi magicians

Is there a way to send a large strings (or float and datetime arrays?) as a parameter to a .NET c# snippet?

I am drawing a time-series chart (based on live-charts sample), but the 32K limit in Magic strings is not enough for sending a large number of

values(Y) or labels(X).

My Values (Y-axis) are float-to-string.

Labels (X-axis ) are datetime-to-string.

Thanks in advance


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