Re: FIleDlg and mapped networkdrives

joe moore

If may be related to running under administrative control


If you open a cmd prompt and type  ‘net use’ , you should see the drives listed.

Now open a cmd prompt as ‘Run as administrator’  and type ‘net use’,   do you see the same ?

   - If not,  map the drives using this cmd prompt and the ‘net use’ command and try magic again.


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Sent: April-19-21 7:46 AM
Subject: [magicu-l] FIleDlg and mapped networkdrives


I am working on a server on which I mapped several networkdrives to other servers.

I can use this nicely from Word (save as) or MSS or VB.

But in Unipaas 1.9p and XPA2.5e I cannot 'see' them.

Any idea why? It is very annoying.

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