Re: Access to extract users with their rights and groups

Danica Majernikova

I did do it for eDeveloper 9.4 like that:

1.      Copy usr_std.eng  to another folder. 

Convert the file using usrupd.exe  in Command Prompt as following: 

usrupd.exe <input file=copied usr_std.eng> <output file=converted file> 

Converted file must be renamed to the usr_std.eng after conversion. 

Usrupd.exe is sitting in the MagicXPA main folder. 


2.      Export  the converted file usr_std.eng to an xml file using utility 

MgUsrDmp.exe sitting in the MagicXPA main folder. Syntax for Command Prompt: 


MgUsrDmp.exe [</P=Supervisor Password>] </N=Users File Name> </O=Output File Name> 


<Supervisor Password> – A string including the supervisor user password. This parameter can be skipped if no password is given for the supervisor. 

<Users File Name> – The users' file path name 

<Output File Name> – The XML output file path name 


MGUSRDMP /P=pwd /N=usr_std.eng /O=users.xml


Then import the xml file to Excel CSV

I have also installed MagicXPA 3.3

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Sent: April 20, 2021 6:36 AM
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Subject: [magicu-l] Access to extract users with their rights and groups
Hi Group, I´m working with magic edeveloper 9.4 SP8.

I want to know if it´s possible to obtain or to extract the list of users of my organization (User Id´s) with the group/groups where they belong and the rights that each one has assigned in each application.

Thank you and regards. 

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